Matt Webb


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I put D H Lawrences's poem 'Restlessness' to music aboard Duet 1, a houseboat on the River Lee, Tottenham, London.

Manifesto Statement

'Find the answer within' is not an excuse for narcissism.

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The name of someone in your field you admire

One narrative idea

A hacker who redirects £50K a day into his boss's accounts, gets arrested when he goes to score crystal meth just as his dealer's house gets raided. When police search Grant's flat they take his computers for analysis and he's released on bail. Directly he boards a flight to the Ukraine and goes to ground in Kyiv. His one straight friend, Nikki, can't resist the danger he offers, and flies out to be with him...

Details of a location, real or imagined, where a filmic scene could take place

Wapping High Street.

A photograph you’ve taken

A historical image

An existing image of current affairs

H9 Response Prompt Material

The Egoist
(December 1916)

by D.H LAWERENCE, page 182

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