Olivia Grassot



Submission Title


Submission Location

Brussels, Belgium.

Submission Notes

HIDDENTITY explores the representation of the woman in our society. /Sexualisation/
The hidden identity behind the physical form of femininity.
Woman referred as the incarnation of femininity, seduction, sensuality, beauty,...
Male Gaze, Male chases.
The hidden identity is beyond the gaze. There you will appreciate the soul stripped from its form.
You will find the free spirit.

But we can be Feminine, we can be Human, we can be Nature.

Femininity is present everywhere and in everyone. It can be desired and loved , it can be rejected and feared. But it exists.
See Femininity as the moon of the sky, the light of the obscurity rather than the shadow of the sun, the tentacules of the dark.

Manifesto Statement

We are in a world of duality but we live in the spectrum of it ,not the extremes. You exist only because your opposite exists. Beyond a gaze, you can see one’s naked truth.