Doug Francisco


State of Emergence

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State of Emergence.

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Panama, Mexico and USA.

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Now theres nothing to do except everything you ever dreamed of doing.

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The Terranaut. A series of fictional stories I have been compiling in my head and diislocated drafts since 1993 when the name came up in a conversation with a mad german up a mountain. Covering various strands that interconnect its based in the pre / post apocolypse where environmental crisis has driven various survival societies into being, much of the population being forced to live in eden project like domes, served by an underclass who live beneath, one character who surveys the outer zones wastelands discovers an ancient cyborg from the before times, bit rogue trooper 2000ad. the latest strand developing is a young girl who went to sea with her grandmother returning to the collapsed remains of outer world society. theres always been this element of real life continuing somewhere to be discovered (logans run film ref) the latest incarnation of which is cuckoo land, where a motley tribe of alchemist scientists are experimenting in an abandoned factory complex to create new utopias and solve the enviromental crisis. the key / moral of the sotry being, everybody can imagine the end of the world, we have been programmed to do so by media and goverments in many ways, but no one can imagine a new workld beginning or being possible, utopia is just not as cool and relatable to as dystopia, but my mission is to make it so, the postive apocolypse! I read some books also that rekate - Riddley walker russel hoban, and trilogy including the drowned world, the burning world and the crystal world by jg ballard. The various threads having been cooking since 92 may combine into one story or seperate back out, if i ever actually finish any of it!

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The Chapbook
(May 1921)


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