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The Problem With Equality

I think that inequality is an inevitable fact of life as we know it, no matter how you define it. People are always going to experience lives that are very different from each other. We are different to each not only by gender ,but in ways that are too numerous to count. We come in different shapes and sizes. We're all different ages and races. We have different genes and millions of other biological differences. We have different personalities, different interests, different abilities, different strengths, different weaknesses. Human diversity is a fact of life. Without this diversity, there would be no humans, because out of our diversity comes our strength.

For example, if we were all exactly the same, we would all be wiped out by a single bacteria. Equal is just another word for the same. It goes without saying that people are not all the same, and never will be all the same. From that it follows that people are never going to be equal, no matter how much we want them to be.

Where feminism comes in this?

Feminism similarly to Marxism is one of the romantic ideas of how equality for all could be achieved. Also, similarly to Marxism (which when tried in the real world turned into totalitarian Communism), feminism nowadays for the most part has been turned into a weapon against men, masculinity and everyone/everything else that doesn’t agree with its agenda. That wouldn’t be a problem if the agenda was still equality for everyone. The problem in my opinion is not the idea, but what it has been twisted into. More and more it feels like nowadays feminism is looking for ways to put the female gender superior to the male one and punish it for what it has been to them.

Take for example the #metoo movement, which started as a honest fight back against the abuse of women in Hollywood and only months later turned into a weapon for mass destruction of lives. Suddenly every second woman felt she was abused and/or taken advantage of and started riding the wave of social justice. No proof, no investigation. Men are guilty, because they are men.

So, no, I don’t think this is the way to equality and that we are any closer to it.

What about patriarchy?

In what sense is our society male dominated? The fact that the vast majority of wealth is owned by men and the vast majority of capital is owned by men?! Huge proportion of people who are seriously disaffected are men.

Most people in prison are men. Most people who are on the street are men. Most victims of violent crime are men. Most people commit suicide are men. Most people who die in wars are men. People who do worse in school are men.

Terrible things happen to people of both sexes, and you could say that with perfect utility but that doesn't provide any evidence for the existence of a male dominated future. Well, that just means the terrible things happen to both genders which they certainly do.

The future

I want this for women:

I want this for society:


It goes without saying that women have to have every right men do. Is this the way to get there though?

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