Ned Stuart-Smith



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Bathroom, Bohmisches Strasse, Berlin.

Manifesto Statement

When running against a wall it is time to play a different game.

Additional Responses from E2

The name of someone in your field you admire

Richard Kimberley

One narrative idea

I am interested in this idea of going backwards. One idea would be to show the story of a drag artist on a night but in reverse. Starting with the breakfast scene of making the musli (or something else) and going back through the night. Into costume and finishing in the Grey day afternoon office job at a desk.

8:00 Guy eating breakfast Musli
7:00 getting up
3:17 Glorious oral sex scene
2:30 leaving the cabaret
1:30 Getting out of costume
23:00 the performance
21:00 make up and costume time.
19:30 Eating something tastey
17:40 Getting home
16:00 Work in the office computer world.

Details of a location, real or imagined, where a filmic scene could take place

It could be filmed in Berlin, or in Bristol and the cabaret part taking place in the New venue...

A photograph you’ve taken

A historical image

An existing image of current affairs

E2 Response Prompt Material

The Egoist
(December 1916)

page 191

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