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Blue Dancer

Some Random Thoughts
GINO SEVERINI paints what he feels, what he
chooses to feel, what he is naturally disposed to feel,
if you will, with an amazing virtuosity.

This resonates deeply with me. This is what improvisation is to me. Improv has always been my go to in life. From coaching professionally to creating and to a certain extent living much of my earlier life - when living like that, it's possible to end up with lots of fragments scattered in the frame of life - Rosie, you recalled me of the speed of my movement, something I had forgotten about, but yes I have been described as speedy and the blue half of the painting describes that to me, speed as a (re)source, causing a whole image to disintegrate into a fragmented, fractal collage of blueness, shapes and in betweens.

We choose to concentrate our attention on things in motion
because our modern sensibility is particularly qualified to grasp
the idea of speed.

In some roundabout way the above sentence, reminded me of a video I recently saw about the importance of, movement, moving, walking, traveling through space whilst focusing on the environment, when experiencing the state of stress. Simply said, the eyes will make Rapid Eye Movements as it is taking in the environment when moving through space, much like we do when we are asleep and the brain is processing our experiences, storing them in the primal brain, the area of the subconscious. Very roundabout, but voila.

This made me think of your journeys, coming to Rambert, leaving Rambert, the challenges you faced, the opportunities you created, the loves and relationships, created, lost, transformed, parenting, creating, building, breaking down and all that lies in between. I imagined your lives for a moment and all the movements your beautiful eyes will have made both in day and night to support you in processing all that you witnessed in support of you becoming who you are today. In the last few days as I prepped for this task, I have been having flashes of seeing you guys dance, the pieces you created, some of the music you worked with. Treasured and clear memories. Time does go fast and I don't feel qualified in grasping the ideas of speed and time at all. 10 years.

Dynamism " as an emotional stimulant.
I had to look up the meaning of the word dynamism, I knew of course dynamics, energetics, but felt that there must be a more philosophical/physics, even quantum physics based meaning to the word that could also apply to the painting: a theory that all phenomena (such as matter or motion) can be explained as manifestations of force. And with that….the blue dancer became even more exciting.

All art, in so far as it is the expression of personal
emotion, of personal vision, is realistic.

Amen, it is Sunday, Amen to that. I am in a romantic mood, and I agree today. Tomorrow may be different..

And fear, it seems to me, is a bad master of the arts.
Yet there is so much of it. I talk about you guys in almost every Career Development WS I run. As an example of ………….. You name it. In the positive.

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Blue Dancer.

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Aphrodites Island of Love, Cyprus.

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De weg naar huis is altijd achter de gouden regenboog. Kijk!

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I invite you to hook me up to a dream machine and journey with me as I sleep. Tonnes of stories, narratives and curious wonders....wonderments.

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Limassol Cyprus, 140 Irinis Street.

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C8 Response Prompt Material

The Blue Review
(July 1913)

The Blue Dancer
by Gino Severini, page 213

The Galleries
by O. Raymond Drey, page 213

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