Caleb Parkin


You Are to Imagine an Anchor

Submission Title

You Are to Imagine an Anchor.

Submission Location

Clay Bottom, Bristol.

Manifesto Statement

You are to imagine an anchor.

Additional Responses from C3

The name of someone in your field you admire

One narrative idea

Miss Piggy Princess Vuvuzela in the red camper van with the flat tyres.

Details of a location, real or imagined, where a filmic scene could take place

Presumably somewhere with a red camper van - it’s a VW in my imagining - with flat tyres. For some reason, I envisage this being somewhere coastal - possibly a road on the Pembrokeshire Coast. You may also need a replica Miss Piggy. And a vuvuzela, if anyone still sells those.

A photograph you’ve taken

A historical image

An existing image of current affairs

C3 Response Prompt Material

The New Freewoman
(1 December 1913)

by Richard Aldington, page 226

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