Cree Barnett Williams


1a. chaotic indirect bombardment with fading power

1b. slomo attack from the inside

2a. portrait 1

2b. portrait 2

2c. portrait 3

2d. searching for posture

3a. monitoring the stars

3b. heavy gazing head

3c. heavy gazing head 2

4a. enemy of the stars succumbs to slow attack

4b. transformation of 1,2,3

Submission Title

Collapsing from the inside.

Submission Location

The relative safety of my mother's house.

Manifesto Statement

Lethargy attacks from the inside long before the deliberate unloading of chaos.

Additional Responses from B9

The name of someone in your field you admire

Kat Válastur

One narrative idea

A woman who believes herself to be better than everyone else sees an attack accumulating on a hill in the distance. She attempts to inform people, to warn them of the distant but real danger and is ignored and dismissed. She packs up her things and finds a place, high up and isolated from society. When the attack finally arrives and the chaos ensues, she observes from above.

A photograph you’ve taken

A historical image

An existing image of current affairs

B9 Response Prompt Material

Blast No.1

3 images
by WYNDHAM LEWIS, page 55

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